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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

future of your Magazine

        Print is Dead
Conde Montrose Nast never thought of that one day Social Media will suck their market & a bunch of young minds will challenge their heritage way of publishing magazine, not only in cmyk color scheme (print) but also in RGB(web)
and establish a new department in their beautifull conde nast building at Midtown Manhattan for the digital versions of their world famous magazines like vogue, vanity fair, New Yorker, GQ…
when other major gaint publications are moving towards digitalization and cutting their cost of production in print media just like The New York Times, who laid off 10% of their staff last year. We have also been listening the loud sound of marketing people over the last few years and we think print based publication has been on life support for the past few years. Most newspaper and magazines are bleeding as new redars are spending time more on online and this decline makes print publication industry obsolete.
So now can we say that PRINT is Dead, the main reason is the cost of production and printing which turns low in digital version.
and growing number of publications are now supplementing print Ad sales with online ad sales because more Ad more consumers are getting their news through digital channels. Also digital magazines are great for storage , portability.
but still there are some people, groups and publication who are making campaigns like spread the news that print is not dead and making creative videos like (Anthology magazine) and tweeting in public that “I love magazine .i love the content,design,look and feel people will always love paper and the traditional way will never fade off. But I have a question here if they really thinks that Print is not going Dead,so why they are uploading it on Twitter & facebook, its ironic is not it’…lol

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